At Two Planks Theater Company, community is more than just a word, and TPTC is more than just a theater… it is part of your community.  Our staff of theater professionals are all from our area, and we are dedicated to helping local performers develop a love of the theatrical arts.  But Two Planks is more than just those of us on and backstage…

We believe that theater is a vehicle to bring people together that allows for the expression of a variety of thoughts and ideas.  And as such, our audiences are part of that experience, too.  We want theater goers to enjoy watching us perform as much as we love performing on their behalf.

Two Planks Theater Company could not exist without the patronage and support of everyone who has helped us get where we are today.  Our productions are for YOU, and we are privileged to be able to share our craft with you every time we step into the spotlights.  Please join us on our journey as we continue to bring exciting and engaging live theater to diverse audiences of all ages throughout southwestern Connecticut.

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