Whether you’re an old pro or a first timer, here is some info on how auditions for our workshops work, what to expect, and perhaps some tips for theater newcomers:

Audition Information
*  First off… welcome to the team!  Everybody who auditions for our workshop shows gets cast, so there’s nothing to be worried about.

*  We try to make the whole process as comfortable as possible.  We’re not big and scary… really.  If this is your first time ever, feel free to let us know.  We’ll do everything we can to help you through the process.

*  Auditions are broken into groups of actors.  Each group will learn a dance routine and then the whole group will perform together.  Level of difficulty is obviously a little higher for our Workshop than our Junior performers.  But we will help you work through the process, no matter how skilled or old/young you are!

*  If you’re not a trained dancer, that’s okay!  In all musicals, some roles dance more than others.  We just need to see who can do what.  If you are a dancer, you can bring your dance shoes, but anyone can dance in socks or sneakers (no Uggs or sandals!).

*  Actors will also be called for individual singing auditions that each last about 5-7 minutes at most.  Actors will sing alone and will be accompanied by our musical director.  For those of you who aren’t used to this… we know it might be scary to think about.  But we will do everything we can do make you as comfortable as possible.

*  Getting your voice ready starts before you arrive on audition day.  Try to stay away from dairy and sugars in the days leading up to auditions.  (And any time you are going to perform!)

*  If this is your first time, be sure to sing out so we can hear you.  Don’t push more than you are able, but remember we need to hear you.

* We generally put sheet music and song samples online for access so you can see what you will be singing and practice ahead of time.

*  We will have sheet music for you to use, but you are welcome to print out and bring your own copy if you want to write notes to help you.  If you sing from sheet music, though, be sure to keep your head up and don’t block your voice by holding the paper in front of your face.

*  We’re listening for certain things in the songs, so you may not get through your whole piece.  If we cut you off, don’t worry about it.  It happens to everyone.  (Conversely, we might ask you to sing your song again…)

*  We won’t know the order of who will sing when until everyone checks in for their groups, but it’s okay if actors need to leave once they are done.

*  Moms and dads, the actors need space to work and concentrate, so you are welcome to drop them off and come pick them up later, or if you’re going to stay, we ask that you wait outside until your child is done.

*  Energy, energy, energy!  American musical theater is larger than life, so actors need to be energetic and enthusiastic on stage.  Bring that same passion to your audition and give it your all!

*  Feel free to ask questions during the process at any point.  If you’re not sure about something, we’re happy to let you know.

*  And remember… the characters in our shows are from different places and times than you! So they’re not going to have the same personalities or voices you have as a young person in Connecticut.  Have fun.  Don’t be afraid to try something.  If it doesn’t work, we’ll let you know and ask if you can do it a different way.

*  Once all the initial auditions are completed, the production team will get together and put out a callback list shortly after the last audition group wraps up.  Callbacks are designed to let us see different things that we might not have gotten to see in an initial audition setting. Information on how callbacks work will be provided separately before auditions start.

If you have questions at any point leading up to or during the audition process, please let us know.  Two Planks gives our actors the opportunity to experience auditions just like professional actors, but at the same time we do want to make things as comfortable and welcoming as possible.  We’ll do what ever we can to make this a great experience for everyone.

And most of all… break a leg!  We can’t wait to see you all on stage!


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