jazz_shoesEach audition group will spend up to a half hour learning a dance routine for auditions before holding a group dance audition collectively.  All performers will participate in the dance audition, no matter what role they are auditioning for and no matter their dancing ability.  (It’s okay if you don’t think you’re a dancer… not everyone is!  We just need to see in advance how you can move.)

Everyone should come prepared and wear appropriate clothing that enables them to move freely.  Dancers are allowed to audition in dance shoes, sneakers, or socks.  NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS should be worn. And NO UGGS!  Also, performers SHOULD NOT WEAR DANGLING OR HOOP EARRINGS.

Actors are encouraged to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to their group audition time slot to both sign in and get warmed up for dance as necessary.

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