kidsmiracleTwo Planks Theater Company is committed to providing an exceptional theater-going experience to our patrons…

… but we are equally committed to providing the opportunity to learn the performance skills of live theater to children of all backgrounds.

In order to provide as much scholarship to as many children from as many diverse communities as possible, we need your support! 

Every year, Two Planks’ Summer Theater Workshop provides as many internal scholarships to deserving candidates as our budget will allow.  But every dollar we allocate towards free tuition is a dollar we no longer have for lighting, sets, costumes, etc.  In order to continue to provide the highest quality theater experience to all our students, we graciously accept the community’s support.

If you would like to help provide a full or partial scholarship to a deserving student, please contact us and let us know.  We would love to get your support!   Or if you would like to share the information, please feel free to download our scholarship flier to show to your family and friends.

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