Character Breakdowns – Audition Songs

Wondering what character in Oliver! would be the right one for your audition?  Here are descriptions of the roles we need to fill for the musical.  You can click on the title of each audition piece to download a PDF of the music for each character.  You can also click on the links for individual audio files to listen to the music from the Broadway score (we will be auditioning from this music, so be sure to practice using these audio files).

Actors are expected to come to auditions having decided on a song they want to perform and ready to sing (you may audition for more than one character and perform more than one song, but note that time for individual singing auditions is limited).  If this is your first time auditioning, please know that there will not be any time to learn or practice the music during auditions.  Actors should be ready to sing when they are called in for their turn.

If you have questions about the audition process, feel free to contact us or ask on our Facebook page so everyone else can see the answer, too.

Note: When deciding what song to sing, you should pick the piece you feel most comfortable with and that you can do best.  You don’t have to audition for the character of Oliver, for example, if you think you want to sing XXXXXXXX.

Voice Type: Tenor
Audition Piece: When Words Fail (PDF); beginning of piece to bottom of page 3 (When words fail, will I fail too?); listen to When Words Fail (audio)
Description: (Age – 30)  An erasable ogre who lives in self-imposed exile in a swamp, but yearns (beneath the surface) for friendship and acceptance. He is outwardly bitter and sarcastic, but his true nature is loving and loyal.  Must dance and must maintain a believable Scottish accent.

Princess Fiona
Voice Type: Lyric Soprano
Audition Piece: Morning Person (PDF); beginning of piece to the top of page 3 (Hooray!); listen to Morning Person (audio)
Description: (Age – 30) Severely (emotionally) damaged by her exile to a tower for 23+ years of her life, Fiona believes that she will be saved by a storybook prince. She is simultaneously feisty, rude and vulnerable in her loneliness, but she is also blindly optimistic. The mental strain of captivity is beginning to show. Must be proficient at tap.

Teen Fiona
Voice Type: Mezzo Soprano
Audition Piece: I Know it’s Today (PDF); Teen Fiona section, beginning on the bottom of page 5 to the top of page 9; listen to (Teen Fiona) I Know it’s Today (audio)
Description: (Age – 10)  A lonely, dreamy tween – a bit more cynical than her younger version, who waits in a tower for her prince. She is getting tired of the wait, but is convinced he will appear to save her.

Young Fiona
Voice Type: Soprano
Audition piece: I Know it’s Today (PDF); Young Fiona section, beginning of piece to page 5; listen to (Young Fiona) I Know it’s Today (audio)
Description:  She is energetic, courageous, hopeful, slightly scared, but she clings to the belief that the prince from her storybook will rescue her.

Voice Type: Baritone
Audition Piece: Don’t Let Me Go (PDF); beginning of piece to bottom of page 4 (I think we’re bonding); listen to Don’t Let Me Go (audio)
Description:  (Ageless) Sassy and confident, he yearns to belong somewhere. Feels he can be the best companion EVER to anyone who might accept him. He is energetic and overenthusiastic to the point of irritation.  Must dance and create a character voice.

Lord Farquaad
Voice Type: Bari-tenor
Audition Piece: The Ballad of Farquaad (PDF); beginning to bottom of page 4; listen to The Ballad of Farquaad (audio)
Description:  The dwarfish dictator of tiny storybook DuLoc, Farquaad harbors deep resentment for his father who abandoned him. Behind his princely charm, he is pompous, self centered and cruel. He has a smooth and  charming speaking voice and tends to shriek when he is angry.

Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano (Belt)
Audition Piece: Donkey Pot Pie (PDF); beginning to the bottom of page 2 (weep); listen to Donkey Pot Pie (audio)
Description:  A lonely and soulful female chained within Fiona’s tower. She falls head-over-heels for Donkey.  Soulful song stylings a must!

Voice Type: Falsetto male or mezzo female.
Audition Piece: Story of My Life (PDF); first two pages; listen to Story of My Life (audio)
Description:  He is the sassy wooden puppet who yearns to become a real boy. Pinocchio badly wants to fit in but needs to learn to accept his “wooden-ness” first.  Must dance and create a character voice.

Voice Type: character voice (at your discretion)
Audition Piece: Freak Flag (PDF); first page ONLY; listen to Freak Flag (audio)
Description: This puppet character is voiced by Goldilocks who operates her/him from beneath a tray.  Must create a distinct character voice. Must dance.

Ensemble Characters
Don’t know which character to audition for?  There are a lot more ensemble characters in Shrek!  If you’re not comfortable with any of the songs above, anyone can sing Welcome to Duloc (PDF) for ensemble characters.  Both pages, please.  Listen to Welcome to Duloc (audio). Remember, you can still audition for an ensemble role by singing one of the individual character songs above if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Fairy Tale Creatures include (but are not limited to):

Mama Bear/Shrek’s Mother
Papa Bear/Shrek’s Father
Baby Bear
3 Pigs
Big Bad Wolf
Peter Pan
Ugly Duckling
Wicked Witch
Mad Hatter
Fairy Godmother
Sugar Plum Fairy
Humpty Dumpty

Other character roles include:

Captain of the Guards
Greeter (DuLoc)
Dish and Spoon
Spinning Antelope
4 Knights
Pied Piper

Those cast to play many of the ensemble characters listed above will also perform as part of several ensemble groups. Some may be cast in dual roles. All will dance.