Bye Bye Birdie (2011)Being able to perform great theater with only “two planks and a passion” never meant more to the crew at TPTC than in the summer of 2011.  That year we had been working hard on our workshop intensive production of “Bye Bye Birdie.”  After four weeks, everything was all ready to go, including a huge, proscenium-high scaffolding for the show’s signature opening number, “Telephone Hour.”  But with less than twenty four hours left, the entire lighting grid in our theater blew out beyond repair.  In just one day, we had to completely redesign and rebuild an entirely new set and move the entire company—set, cast, crew, wardrobe, props, and all—to a completely different theater.  When the curtain went up for opening night, we hadn’t even had the chance to practice in the new space (opening night was basically our dress rehearsal!), but the show went off without a hitch, and everyone in the cast and the crew and the audience had a great time.  While we hope to never have to go through that again, it’s great to know that we could have even run the show in a field if we had two… with just two planks and a passion.

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