: June 25- July 27  
(* with exclusion of July 4 holiday)
TIME: 12:00-5:00

PROGRAM LOCATION: United Methodist Church of Monroe, 515 Cutler’s Farm Road


Because we perform outdoors, please note the potential rain performance dates of July 29 (or later, as necessary).

In the event of extreme weather, the show may be moved even later or possibly moved indoors.

Due to the demands of producing a full scale show in such a short period of time, some additional rehearsals may be required. Announcements will be made during Workshop as necessary.

AUDITIONS: 6/2 11:30-2, 6/3 3:30-5 and 6.  Also, 6/13 and 6/15 from 5-6.  Appointments are required and may be scheduled by clicking here (

A non-refundable registration deposit of $100 is required prior to auditions. Those who are unable to make the scheduled auditions may contact us for an alternate audition date; however, those auditioning after main audition dates may be cast in roles in the ensemble if principle roles are already cast.

Also, please review the following:



Participants in TPTC Summer Theater Workshop should be between 13 and 21 years of age. Our Workshop is a TRAINING program and teaches three major theatrical performance skills—vocal performance, dance, and acting—to aspiring performers of ALL talent and ability levels.  As such, ALL students who register and who wish to perform will be cast in the show.  Auditions are for the purpose of determining actors’ ability levels, for both classes and for roles. Casting and class level decisions are at the sole discretion of the directors.

TPTC’s Summer Theater Workshop will run in the same facility as our Junior Theater Program but will concentrate on more advanced level skills as appropriate for older and more experienced performers.  Our Workshop is run and overseen by Two Planks’ personnel, but we also feature special professional guest artists throughout the session brought in to offer students Master Classes in specific areas of discipline, technique and study.  Specific daily schedules of classes, rehearsals, etc.,  will be announced prior to the start of the program, but the workshop day will run afternoons 12 PM-5 PM. (Some additional rehearsals may be scheduled at the discretion of the Workshop personnel).


Parents, please read, and acknowledge WITH YOUR CHILD, each of the following, as indicated.



TPTC Summer Theater Workshop is a performance training intensive which helps growing performers develop their singing, dancing, and acting skills. As such, it is important for students to attend the Workshop every day.

Auditions and casting are an important part of a student's theater experience. Young actors are not always cast in their "dream role", and actors will find a detailed list of available roles on our website. After auditions, casting decisions are at the discretion of TPTC's Directors and staff. Casting is based on the quality of individual auditions. Everyone wishing to perform will be cast in the production.

TPTC produces full-scale musicals with children. Some students will be cast as Ensemble players. The Ensemble is the backbone of every musical and essential to its success. Experience in the Ensemble encourages young performers to work as a team, to learn to blend vocally, and to dance with precision. Young actors prepare to take on more meaty roles in the future. The Ensemble establishes the tone of the show and creates its “personality.” Ensemble players are often challenged to play multiple roles and to establish multiple characters in support of the principle players. Teamwork is imperative within a cast. We require principle players to serve as examples of good will and team spirit in support of the full company.

All participants must bring bottled water and any snacks with them each workshop day. Because the Workshop takes place in the afternoon, we do not have a formal break for lunch. Students should arrive at Workshop already having eaten lunch on their own. They must be prepared to work/rehearse throughout the day.

TPTC will produce a full-scale production of "Be More Chill” in just a few weeks. It is important for participants to prioritize rehearsals and show prep, both in and out of formal classes. While we will rehearse daily, extended rehearsals may be called. We will make every effort to consider conflicts and to give adequate notice of additional or off-site rehearsals.

We dance every Workshop day. We understand that not everyone has their own dance shoes; however, participants should wear appropriate, supportive footwear for movement and activity. Flip flops, sandals, slippers or heavy boots are not allowed. Also, there should be no large earrings or other large or heavy jewelry, and long hair should be banded back for class and rehearsals. 

We teach program participants team performance skills. Jealousy, teasing, backbiting, and any other forms of bullying, sexual harassment or intimidation will not be tolerated. All students are expected to behave with respect, compassion and professionalism at all times. Students, directors, and staff are expected to behave only in those ways which affirm the inherent worth and dignity of others and themselves, promote justice, equity and compassion between individuals and encourage growth in all with whom they have an interpersonal relationship. Theater is a TEAM activity, and at TPTC we foster a collaborative environment.

Activities during “Be More Chill” may be photographed and/or videotaped for use in in TPTC media (without student names), including but not limited to online, email, and other formats. Families not wishing to have their child’s likeness shared must notify TPTC in writing. 

We have reviewed the full TPTC Summer Theater Workshop registration—including Essential Program Information—WITH OUR CHILD, and we agree with, and will abide by, the rules and requirements of the TPTC’s Summer Theater Workshop.

Student Information

Tuition includes one free cast tee shirt for every performer. Indicate the student’s shirt size below:

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Volunteer and Advertising Requirement

Every participant's family is required to complete 5 volunteer hours over the course of the Junior Program as well as to sell $50 of advertisements for the show's playbill. A volunteer/ad opt-out is available to any family for $150 in addition to tuition costs.

Two Planks’ Summer Theater Workshop is an expensive undertaking, and we put on a full-scale production in a very short period of time. We try to make the experience as magnificent for our performers and their families as we can, while continuing to keep tuition and fees at a reasonable level. As such, our productions are dependent on the help of students' friends and families as well as the local community. Our shows can only be as good as the amount of help we receive.

You will be contacted in early June by the production staff to commit to specific tasks/dates/hours via Some choices will include set construction, painting, costumes, props, concessions, ticketing, advertising, cast party, etc.

Tuition Information

Tuition for TPTC's Summer Theater Workshop is $700 for the full program, June 25 to July 27 (excluding the July 4 holiday), including daily classes, Master Classes, and rehearsals run from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m., scheduled performances run July 27-29 with any additional rehearsals, and any performances, rescheduled due to weather.

A $100 non-refundable application fee (deposit) is required prior to auditions, at the time of registration, and will be applied toward the full tuition balance.

Early Tuition Discounts

* A Super Early Bird Discount of $100/off is available for tuition that are paid in full by April 15, for a total of $600
* A Regular Early Bird Discount of $50/off is available for tuition that are paid in full by May 15, for a total of $650.


Tuition must be paid in full by June 26, unless prior arrangements have been made, or students may not be allowed to participate in the program. Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact TPTC with questions as soon as possible, as availability is limited.

After submitting this registration form, you will be directed to our online payment portal.