Thanks for everyone who auditioned for both our productions of The Little Mermaid and Mulan, Jr.

Here are the callback songs for Little Mermaid.  Click on any title for a link to the song from the Broadway soundtrack online.


Wondering what character in our shows would be the right one for your audition?  Here are descriptions of the roles we need to fill for the musicals.

music_notesWe handle things a little differently for our Workshop and our Camp.  Since our older actors tend to be more experienced, we let them prepare outside of auditions, and they come in having worked on a song themselves beforehand.  Realizing our Camp actors may never have auditioned before, we will hold the actors’ hands a little more during the process and give them a little extra time, helping them a little bit more on the day of auditions.

Generally speaking, actors should come to auditions having decided on a song they want to perform and ready to sing (you may audition for more than one character and perform more than one song, but note that time for individual singing auditions is limited).  If this is your first time auditioning, please know that there will not be any time to learn or practice the music during auditions.  Actors should be ready to sing when they are called in for their turn.  (With the exception of Camp auditions, as mentioned above.)

If you have questions about the audition process, feel free to contact us or ask on our Facebook page so everyone else can see the answer, too.  Remember… casting for TPTC’s summer programs is just to determine roles.  Everyone who signs up for either program gets in and gets to perform in our shows, no matter their prior acting experience!

When deciding what song to sing, you should pick the piece you feel most comfortable with and that you can do best.  Note that for initial auditions, there will be general songs for different groups of characters depending on the characters’ age/gender.  But just go ahead and pick the song that’s the most comfortable for you!  When we get to callbacks, actors may be asked to sing different songs depending on whether we’re considering them for a particular character.

Regardless of the character you think you would like to play, our initial auditions will ask you to sing one of the following songs (your choice):

THE LITTLE MERMAID (click each to download PDFs)

MULAN, JR. (click each to download PDFs)

– Click to download PDFPick the one you feel most comfortable with, but always good to know more than one!

If you haven’t yet, sign up for an audition time slot to let us know when you’re coming!


Ariel – the beautiful, adventurous, and headstrong protagonist, dreaming of life on land instead of under the sea

Prince Eric – handsome and hopeful leading man, searching for the girl who saved him from drowning, not realizing she is Ariel

King Triton – Ariel’s stern but caring father who rules under the sea

Ursula – the sinister and sly villain who tricks Ariel into trading her voice for a pair of human legs

Sebastian – court composer and Ariel’s faithful guardian… and a crab (literally)

Flounder – Ariel’s best friend who helps her search for human artifacts

Scuttle – a self-important, yet scatterbrained, seagull  

Flotsam and Jetsam – Ursula’s sly and underhanded henchmen, who happen to be electric eels

Grimsby – Prince Eric’s faithful and loyal servant and friend

Chef Louis – the castle chef who tries to capture Sebastian and serve him for dinner

Carlotta – the castle’s primary housekeeper who is kind to Ariel

Ensemble Characters
Don’t know which character to audition for?  There are lots of ensemble characters in The Little Mermaid who have lots of time on stage!  Crew Members (Pilot, Sailors); Sea Creatures; Mersisters (Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, Allana); Gulls; Maids; Chefs; Animals; Princesses

MULAN, JR., CHARACTERSmulan-jr-logo

Mulan – a strong-willed young woman who disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place in the army

Ancestors – of the Fa family…  Laozi, Lin, Zhang, Hong, and Yun

Mushu – the demoted family guardian who serves as Mulan’s companion (and a dragon!)

Fa Zhou and Fa Li and Grandmother Fa – Mulan’s father, mother, and grandmother

Matchmaker – the village matchmaker who judges Mulan

Shang – the army captain who falls for Mulan

Chi Fu – member of the Chinese Emperor’s council and Shang’s advisor

Shan Yu – leader of the Huns

Yao, Ling, and Quian Po – Mulan’s “boys” who befriend her in the army

Ensemble –  Being a camp environment, there will be lots of opportunity for different actors to play different roles, with many of those cast in named roles also being called upon to fill out the ensemble during the rest of the show.

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